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Kids Travel

Travel for Kids – London or Paris

14days London or Paris – $3800.00 (payable in cedis) (payable in installments)

 Details: non-refundable application fee of $500.00, visa fees, language lessons, comfortable air-conditioned accommodation in child-friendly hostel, excursions, care and supervision, all meals and snacks, air ticket, ground transport.

Docs to be provided: valid passport, 4 photos, school letter, consent letter and id of both parents, proof of ability to sponsor, child dietary and medical information.


Private Bilingual Montessori School in Ghana (British Curriculum). Day & Boarding.  Admissions are ongoing.

Bilingual programme where all subjects are taught in both English and French with high standard of academic education providing a solid foundation for future study. The three main subjects studied are English, Maths and Science plus a range of other subjects including Geography, Music, Information Technology and Spanish.

Children would be tri-lingual by the end of their primary education to prepare them for a future in international careers.

Children are expected to be disciplined and respectful at all times.

 Pre-school   (1-5yrs) Fees  per term  

Infants(9mths-1yr): Registration  – $50.00   Care –$350.00    Uniform – $40.00set  = $440.00

Playgroup (1-2yrs) Registration  – $50.00   Care –$320.00    Uniform – $40.00set  = $410.00

Nursery (2-4yrs) Registration  – $50.00   Care and books –$300.00    Uniform – $40.00set  = $390.00

Kindergarten (4-6yrs) Registration  – $50.00   Care and books –$280.00    Uniform – $40.00set  = $370.00 

Primary  (5-12yrs) Fees per term

Lower Primary (5-8yrs) Registration  – $70.00    Tuition and books –$200.00      Uniform – $50.00 = $320.00

Upper Primary (8-12yrs) Registration  – $70.00    Tuition and books –$230.00    Uniform – $50.00 = $350.00

Boarding ( per term) – $1650.00    Medical and damage deposit- $145.00


Secondary 1 (11-14yrs) Fees per term

Registration  – $100.00      Tuition and books –-$300.00        Uniform – $65.00 = $465.00

Boarding ( per term) – $2000.00    Medical and damage deposit – $145.00


Payment of fees may be made in any convertible currency at the going rate of the day.

Fees may be paid in cash at the office or by deposits into the account provided by the school.


 Fees are non-refundable for all students under all circumstances.


Due to limited boarding space, interested parents must reserve spaces early by completing all fees payment to enable the school allocate beds for students.

Loss of school books or equipment or damage done by a pupil, other than fair wear and tear, will be separately invoiced and must be paid by parent/guardian.