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Visits to Ghana

African European Caribbean American Travel Special





Tours along these themes:
– tropical beach and sunshine
– jazz and highlife
– golf and spa
– recreational fishing
– eco and wildlife
– culture and history
– seminars on African beliefs and value systems
– return to motherland
– cultural immersion
– adoption and naming ceremonies (adults)
– christian vacations and church visits
– gap year and volunteering
– arts and crafts (batiks, hair braiding, baskets weaving, drumming and dancing)
 Sample tours

Tropical Christmas and New Year in Ghana
Return to the Motherland – Come Down-South to Ghana
Get Caught Reading by the Sea – catch-up on your reading
The Lord thy God, He is One… Church Visits in Ghana
Learn a Craft – Acquire an African Ethnic Skill
Learn English and French in Ghana with Edulingua
Volunteer in Ghana-Make a Difference

Cost includes:
meet & greet, accommodation, breakfast & lunch, transportation, sightseeing and entrance fees to attractions, guide
3days – from $400.00(300 000 fcfa)      
5days-from $600.00(400 000 fcfa)  
 7days – from $800.00(500 000 fcfa)
10days – from $1100.00(650 000 fcfa)