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Language Training and Working Holiday Visa in France

Professionals’ Class (anglais general+business communication+internship) (20-35yrs)
This programme is designed to give you hands-on training in the Hospitality and Tourism industry over a short period. Training is done with institutions that have already made their mark in their various fields of endeavour.

The training is always preceded by a month or more of English and French language lessons. Participants would need at least intermediate level competence. Participants then get training in Hospitality or in Tourism and then are placed in hotels or restaurants in France for internship.

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to build a travel history and gain valuable international work experience. It is possible to extend internship or secure an employment contract.
COST – 2 months (8 weeks in total, 4 weeks in Ghana and  4 weeks in France) (application fee, language training, travel to and internship placement in France) – 2 300 000 F CFA    $4500.00