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About Us

Our Company
We are a Language, Education and Tourism Agency. The company has a dedicated team lead by the director with several years of relevant experience in Education, Careers and Training, Study Abroad, Travel, Immigration and Tourism.

Director and Founder
The daughter of an Investment/Development Banker and a Teacher, The director, Yawa,  is a Translator and teacher (English, French and Spanish) by training, with over twenty (20) years of experience in education and training, visa advising, immigration and travel, tourism and hospitality.
She worked in the education and training of young people before going to work with the Canadian High Commission in Accra. She also has experience working in the Consular Section of the British High Commission taking care of British nationals in Ghana.  She helped set up an airline as well as a travel agency and have experience in Travel and Tourism.
She teaches English, French and Spanish, organises Study/Semester Abroad and Volunteering in Ghana.

She organises travel packages for business people, for families, students and budget travel with associated services such as accommodation, sightseeing and entertainment, shopping.

Additional Past Experiences
Planning Committee member for UNWTO World Tourism Day celebrations in Ghana
Member of JICA-Ghana Working-group 5 on Financing Tourism
Student Counselor and Visa Assistant at the Canadian High Commission in Accra.
Consular Clerk responsible for British National in Ghana at the British High Commission.
Group Establisher and National Secretary for Servas Ghana

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

  • Bahi Ould BeyeTechnical Advisor to the Director General, Research Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IMROP), Mauritania.
  • Zeinabou Chetima, Head of Sales Department, Orange-Niger.
  • Jean-Louis Branco, Advisor for External Commerce, France/Director General, Orange-Niger/Chairman of Orange Foundation.